Established in 2015, Legendz Way is a full-service logistics company providing customized 3PL solutions for warehousing, packaging, fulfillment and transportation.

The company is dedicated to creating innovative, cost-effective logistics solutions for each client, no matter how big or small.

With more than 45 years logistics experience between them, Legendz Way was founded by Mike Muzyka and Jeff Doolin.

Mike Muzyka (President/CEO) is a highly motivated leader with success in multiple industries. Always one to build long-term relationships, Mike has spent more than 25 years understanding his clients’ needs and developing solutions that works for them.

“We believe Legendz Way is nothing without the relationships we’ve developed with our clients along the way. That’s why we keep a hands-on approach, sitting down with each of them individually to determine their business needs and create a customized logistics package just for them.”

Jeff Doolin (President/COO) has always been a natural leader, driven to motivate his teams while keeping excess expenses to a minimum for his clients. Since 1997, Jeff has lead several teams to success while providing logistical support to a variety of clients and maintaining fiscal responsibility.

“We stay focused on accuracy and take ownership of our clients’ inventory to ensure it’s stored safely and delivered on time. And we’re not afraid to make quick decisions to meet our clients’ needs. That’s one of the keys that drives our success.”




COO Jeff Doolin and CEO Mike Muzyka