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FTL & LTL Shipping
Flexible & Efficient

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Understanding the differences and optimal applications of Full Truckload (FTL) and Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipping can transform your logistics from a cost center into a competitive edge. Here’s how we break it down and optimize your options, keeping your business rolling smoothly and efficiently.

FTL vs. LTL: Choosing Your Path

Cost and Space Efficiency

LTL shines when you’re moving a few pallets, offering significant savings by paying only for the space you use. FTL, while ideal for larger shipments, ensures your goods move directly to their destination, providing predictability and security.

Transit Times

If speed and predictability are your priorities, FTL’s direct routes offer firm delivery times. LTL, with its multiple stops, might test your flexibility but excels in cost efficiency for smaller shipments.

Handling & Risk

FTL gets your products from A to B with minimal handling, ideal for fragile or high-value goods. LTL, with its more hands-on journey, demands sturdy packaging and smart packing to mitigate the increased handling risk.

Optimizing Your Shipping Strategy

When to Choose FTL

Opt for FTL when shipping more than six pallets, dealing with fragile items, or when you need reliable, firm delivery dates. FTL cuts down on handling and expedites your shipment’s journey.

Leveraging LTL for Savings

LTL is your go-to for smaller shipments (typically less than six pallets) or when your delivery schedule allows for flexibility. It’s a cost-effective way to tap into shared transportation resources without compromising service quality.

Partnering with Legendz Way

Choosing between FTL and LTL doesn’t have to be a solo venture. Partnering with Legendz Way, your 3PL expert, means gaining access to our decades of expertise, our strategic DFW location advantages, and the right tech tailored to streamline your shipping operations:

Rapid, Reliable Delivery

With Dallas/Fort Worths global inland ports at our doorstep, we offer unmatched connectivity via rail, air, and road, ensuring your inventory across the country within 24-48 hours, ensuring your products reach their destination seamlessly.

Customized Solutions

Our daily bread is managing complex 3PL problems. We’ve seen it all, solved it all, and we’re here to navigate you through the intricacies of both FTL and LTL shipping, ensuring your goods are handled with care, efficiency, and strategic insight.

Technology-Driven Visibility

With Legendz Way, you gain transparency and control. Our technology and dedicated team keep you in the loop from pickup to delivery, ensuring peace of mind and real-time decision-making capabilities.

Cost Savings

Maybe you're shipping a few pallets locally, but here at Legendz Way, we're moving goods across the country and beyond, every day. This scale gives us the leverage to negotiate the best rates with freight carriers. When you partner with us, you tap into those savings.

Whether FTL or LTL fits your needs best, Legendz Way is here to ensure your freight shipping strategy is not just about moving goods—it’s about advancing your business, one shipment at a time. With our strategic DFW location, tapping into the vast network of air, rail, and road transportation, your logistics become a seamless, efficient extension of your operation. Let’s chart your course together, optimizing every load for cost, speed, and reliability. With Legendz Way, you’re not just shipping; you’re winning.

Proven Track Record

Legendz Way’s 3PL services boast a proven track record of excellence, seamlessly managing logistics for a diverse portfolio of clients. By partnering with STORD, a leading 4PL provider, we’ve expanded our capabilities, combining our extensive 3PL expertise with STORD’s innovative 4PL strategies. This collaboration ensures that every link in the supply chain is optimized for efficiency, reliability, and scalability, providing our clients with unparalleled logistics solutions tailored to meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.